Our Story

Rumsey Creek creator, Megan Connally, is no stranger to the outdoors. Growing up in Brady, Texas just outside her family ranch that’s over a century old, she’s always felt a connection to nature and the beloved creek that is the namesake of her company. Whether it is hiking in Colorado, or fishing at the family ranch, Megan always felt a void of clothing fit for both activity and southern lifestyle she so dearly loves.

Megan and her family are current residents of Glen Rose, Texas and living there has continually nurtured her love for western attire. She’s always considered herself a creative spirit: from cooking with her mother, who is by all means one of the best chefs this side of the Mississippi, or creating her own daughter's ranch-friendly line as a wee one; she is most fulfilled when using her creative attributes.

Ironically, her son who also loves ranch life found himself struggling when wearing the typical “brush popper” shirts at the ranch, finding them both uncomfortable and itchy when running about hunting, fishing, and making forts. As the old adage goes, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and Megan saw a profound need in the market for more outdoor friendly options for men and boys.

Rumsey Creek shirts were the answer to this conundrum; a more dressy/ but also casual-as-you-make-it option to the typical pearl snap, that is diverse in its makeup and day and nighttime friendly. She’s created a product that can go from the hunting lease to the hike, a tailgate or tabernacle: both sun protective, breathable, and moisture wicking.

Megan’s hope is that every person who purchases a Rumsey Creek product will understand the long-standing tradition her family has devoted to their love of Mother Nature and the legacy that lies in the creek, where so many memories have been made and friendships have been forged. The pearl snaps are a nod to the tradition and pride they feel in their family’s lifestyle, and she looks forward to making you all #pearlsnapproud!